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how to describe computer skills on resume

how to describe computer skills on resume

how to describe computer skills on resume

The Importance of Basic Computer Skills -

Let us see what counts as the essential computer skills as understood under computer. Whether it is posting a CV for a vacancy, or applying for a job - the most .

Top Skills and Values Employers Seek from Job-Seekers.

We've also included sample verbiage describing each skill; job-seekers can adapt. Almost all jobs now require some basic understanding of computer hardware. Look for ways to weave examples of these characteristics into your resume, .

Skills for PC Computer Technician Resume

Feb 18, 2016 - This page contains a number of skills statements for the resume of a PC or Computer Technician.

Creating Your Resume: Marist College

A resume is a brief, easy to read summary of your skills and experience.. A key aspect of this format is to describe each work experience in such a way as to. skill headings (i.e. leadership, research, computer skills) based on the skills you .

Top 10 Skills Employers are Looking For - CoursePark

A first-review of the resume usually allows the hiring manager to access this. So the. Sample bullet point describing this skill:. Obviously, if you are in a profession that relies on specific computer knowledge and proficiency, you will need to .

Resume Writing Tips

Aug 27, 2014 - Skills-based resumes base resume sections around specific skills. Use your active verbs and keywords to describe work experience in. Technical Skills, Technical skills include any specialized computer skills you may .

"computer skills" section of a resume | WordReference Forums

Nov 21, 2008 - Since I've always written the "curriculum vitae", I have a doubt regarding the language used in my "computer skills" section. What I need to tell is .

7 Tech Skills You Should Put on Your Resume - Business.

Nov 5, 2013 - Experts weigh in on the technology skills job seekers should be including on their résumé.

Listing Technology on Your Student Affairs Resume | Ed.

Feb 13, 2012 - Listing Technology on Your Student Affairs Resume. By listing “Technology or Computer Skills” in its own section, it is understood by the. And don't merely describe it, tell us what you did with it and why it's important, .

Basic computer skills? Please define. | The Write Solution

Jan 30, 2010 - I define basic computer skills as an ability to sit down at a computer and. you tell your professional resume writer that the resume won't open, .